How to Cook Boston Butt Cuts


Ahhhhh… The Boston Butt. This cut comes from the shoulder of the pig and is an awesomely versatile cut. Traditionally used as a slow-cooked roast, this marbled cut is also great in a crockpot slowcooked with onions, apples, potatoes and some stock. Here are several other ideas:

1) Cut into small cubes to use as a base for a chili or hearty stew.

2) For a fast meal you can chunk it up, cover in your favorite herb ( like rosemary or lavender), skewer the chunks and place in your broiler or on the grill.

3) Thinly slice from the leaner side of the cut. Add thin slivers of pork to your favorite curry or stirfry recipe.

4) Place in oven in pan with liquid and cover pan/cut with aluminum foil. Slow cook at 250 degrees for 6-8 hours, until the meat is falling apart. Add your favorite BBQ sauce to create a traditional pulled pork dish.