How To Cook Cheek Medallions

First off, pork cheeks are delicious! Just as they sound, they are the cheeks of the pig. A delicacy that normally weigh 3-5 oz a piece.

They have a very rich flavor and a lot of tough protein, which means that they are chewy, but when you slow cook them, those proteins break down to give them a beautiful melting texture.  The key thing with pork cheeks is to slow cook them for an hour or hour and a half until they will easily pull apart with a fork (you don’t actually have to pull them apart). 

Ordinarily, we’d suggest people do this in a  cast iron pan or slowly in the oven, or if the weather agrees, you can do dry rub on them and slow cook them on  the grill.  You can dry rub them with salt and pepper and any herb that you like.  Rosemary is always a good choice,  or you could go Southwestern with cayenne, thyme and garlic powder.  I would sear them over high heat until they brown on both sides, then move them away from the direct heat and let them finish at 250 for an hour or so.

If you prefer, you can always do them in a cast iron pot which allows you to collect the juices.  Then you can saute a little garlic in the pot and finish a sauce by reducing wine or peach slices.  Or both.  Very nice.

Anyway, use your imagination as long as you sear them and then finish them low and slow. 

Here are a few tasty looking recipes we found listed online:

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