Farm & Farming Practices FAQ

Why does you meat taste so good?

We only carry meats from animals raised on small, local, sustainable farms, and we butcher everything ourselves in-house with care and skill. None of the beef, pork, and lamb we purchase has ever received antibiotics or hormones and all are raised on pasture eating the food they’re meant to eat. By working closely with our local farmer partners, we guarantee that our rigorous standards are always maintained. And by focusing intensely on our own training and craft throughout the butchering process, we insure that the quality established at our farms is honored in the final product. This obsession with animal care and quality from start to finish in the supply chain results in the best-tasting meat.

Where are your farms located?

We’re proud of the dedicated relationships we have with the small, family-owned farms in New York and Pennsylvania that supply our operation. Each of the farmers we partner with meets our rigorous standards for raising animals ethically and free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Check out our Farm Partners to see who contributes to our meaty endeavors.

How do you select farmers to partner with?

We only work with farms and slaughterhouses that meet our high standards for ethical sourcing, humane treatment, and sustainable practices that minimize environmental impacts. All are partner farms are family-run and located in the New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut region. This is one reason why we’re able to bring you the freshest, best-tasting meat possible.

Do your partner pig farms follow the same guidelines?

Yes! Our partner farms follow the same non-GMO grain-supplement practices, and all of their pigs are pastured-raised. We have a strong relationship with all of our partner farms and trust them to raise humanely-treated, pasture-raised, and delicious pork!

What breed of pigs do you have available?

Our partners specialize in raising traditional, heritage, and cross-breed pigs.

How are your animals slaughtered?

Our pigs are put down at a small USDA slaughterhouse.  We have witnessed the slaughtering procedure and are comfortable that the slaughterhouse does an ethical, humane job.

What does it mean to use the whole animal?

Our butchery philosophy has always been based on the nose-to-tail approach, which means challenging ourselves and our customers to use and eat the whole animal. We receive a limited amount of whole beef, pigs, and lamb each week, which results in a limited supply of every cut, roast, steak, and bone. This approach makes us creative, thrifty, and dedicated to honoring every part of every animal we butcher. We want to create as little waste as possible. On occasion, we may not have exactly what you came into the shop for, but we promise you will leave with something equally delicious and exciting.