Full Plate Collective – Side Dish Meat CSA Packs

Piggery “Side Dish” CSA Options for 2017 Season

We’re so excited to share that the Full Plate Farms Collective CSA has asked us  to offer a meat csa/side dish option for the Winter 2018 season.  It feels like coming home to us:)  We offered a Meat CSA with Full Plate several years ago and loved working with them and their awesome members!

About us:  The Piggery’s a small, 2 farm group that sustainably raises heritage pigs and turkeys on pastures and non-GMO feeds, then handcrafts fresh cuts and charcuterie in our farm’s butcher shop. All of our meats are cut fresh and never frozen.

To sign up for a CSA share, please click here:  https://thepiggery.myshopify.com/collections/free-shipping-bundles or mail a check directly to Heather Sandford, The Piggery, 423 Franklin Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.

Payment Plans: We’re happy to take weekly or monthly payments for the CSA.  If you prefer this option, please contact Heather Sandford directly at heather@thepiggery.net.

Length of Share: Every other week distribution:  12/7, 12/21, 1/11, 1/25, 2/8, 2/22

If I can do anything more to help, please just let me know.
Warm regards,

Locations:  Share available at Free Choice PU locations (not for group or home delivery)

Fresh Bulk Meat CSA- $160 Nitrate Free Deli Meat & Bacon CSA – $95
1 Pack Bone in Chops (~1.5 lbs)
1 Pack Rosemary-Thyme Rubbed Chops (~1.5 lbs)
1 pack Country Style Ribs (~2lbs)
2 Packs Louis Cut Ribs (~2 lbs each)
2 Packs Rib Tips (~1 lb each)
1 Pack Boneless Pork Shoulder (~3 lbs)
3 Packs Pig Dogs (Beef and Pork Hot Dogs) (12 Oz Each)
3 Packs TBurg Grillers Fresh Garlic Sausage (12 Oz Each)
6 Packs Grassfed Ground Beef (1 lb Each)
4 Smoked Hocks
1 bag of pork bones
A total of 20 packs over 6 distributions:

Smoked Turkey
Herbed Turkey
Deli Ham
Salami Cotto
Cottage Bacon
Jowl Bacon
Traditional Bacon
Portion Sizes: Deli Meats 6oz Packs, Bacons 8oz packs


Thanks so much  for the interest in our Side Dish options with The Full Plate Farm Collective.  We’re thankful for the opportunity to provide locally raised meat for you:)