Nutritional Info

You may have noticed that our packaging does not contain nutritional information labels. Thankfully the USDA does not require nutritional testing for very small producers since getting all of our products tested would be cost-prohibitive. Our recipes for things like ham and bologna are fairly similar to most products on the market in terms of calories, amount of protein, sodium, etc. Where we differentiate our products from a health perspective is in the quality of ingredients that go into each product and the lack of nitrates, binders or preservatives in the products. Our bologna will presumably be, for instance, higher in Vitamin D (from pigs in the sun), higher in Vitamin K2 (from pigs eating grass), lower in Omega 6 fats (from the diet), and higher in Omega 3 fats (from the grass). Anyway, here is a list of links to nutritional information for similar products.




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