Butcher Case FAQ

Where can I get your pork treats?

We sell our fresh goods every day of the week at our downtown butcher shop. We also sell wholesale to grocers and restaurants throughout New York State and the Northeast. Check out our Wholesale Products List for a location near you.

Do you accept EBT credit?

Do you ship your products?

Yes, we are now a USDA facility and ship wholesale via Regional Access and Four Seasons. This allows us to ship our products to various grocers across the region! E-mail Hillary Giraudin at info@thepiggery.net if you are interested in our wholesale line! Stay tuned for updates.

Do you really make all your own goods?

Yep! We have a USDA-inspected butcher shop where we handcraft all of our fresh cuts, specialty sausages, pates, lunch meat, and lard every week. We never freeze anything, everything we make is fresh!

Can you make a special cut for me?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to. Our butchers are on duty Monday-Thursday. Pork belly? Crown roast? Just give us at least three days’ notice by calling 607-272-2276 and we’d be happy to take your special order.

Do your products contain nitrates?

Yes. We use celery powder as our source of nitrates, which is what other “uncured” bacon and smoked products use. Regardless of the “uncured” labels, all smoked products contain nitrates.

Do You have nutritional information for your products?

The short answer: no. For a full discussion read this.